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Author: Marquisha P. Harden

Before you Love me, Love Letters to my Ex’s is not your typical relationship book. This book gives insight on how to love others, by first loving yourself. Most of us have been someone’s ex and can list numerous reasons as to why it did not work. However, if you stop and look at the root of the problem, often times, you will find one common denominator: You. This book breaks down the relationship process before you acknowledge, approach, date, court, and decide to love a woman enough to marry her. It also provides several examples of the right and wrong way to love someone according to God’s word. In this book, you will also find the following: – Biblical examples to reference each phase of the relationship – Questions to ask yourself – Questions to ask her – Quick Comments on Do’s and Don’ts in the relationship

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A friendly dare, challenging young women to break free from the snares of the world and push towards living a set apart life completely devoted to Christ! This book challenges the reader to get to a higher place in God and be the woman He created her to be!

In Dare Beauty you will:

  • Come to know God as your hero
  • Receive relevant scripture and inspirational quotes
  • Learn to detach yourself from anything not like God
  • Complete fun challenges