How To Appreciate The Process


You can get money, a house, a relationship- whatever you want, as long as you hustle and stay focused on your goals.

– Book of Wordly, Chapter 1 vs.9

Don’t believe the hype Christian, you only have one goal and it’s Christ. Let’s be real, focusing on houses and flat abs and careers breeds discontentment, envy, procrastination, and misplaced Lordship. The world pushes us to meet one earthly goal after the next, but the Word says we need push to be Christ-like. He wasn’t fixated on meeting goals; He was focused on being present in the process.

I confess; I am goal oriented. When I start something I want to cross the finish line as fast as possible (…more like yesterday). I don’t want to waste time on growth, mistakes, and interruptions- let’s just get to the destination already!

But the Holy Spirit constantly reminds me that the process is not a race, it’s a unique staircase designed by the creator Himself. Carpentry skills aside, the process does not need to be a place of confusion. When we focus on one step at a time, we build a solid foundation for the next step, and rise a little closer to the Son each time. And when we look behind us we should see a beautiful cascade of life, love, perseverance, faith, hope, and change sprouting from the work we’ve done.

And that is where I tend to go wrong, instead of looking back, I try my hardest to look ahead. Instead of focusing on building the stair I’m on, I squint up into the unknown and give a resounding “No Thank you!” I sit myself right down on that step and get comfortable; maybe open a book or something. Because it’s easier to not put any work into something and see it fail, than to actually try and watch it fall to the ground. If you can relate, let’s be real- thinking like this is foolish.  We need to take these thoughts and make them obedient to Christ. If you are doing something God said to do, and He’s given directions for it, then it’s worth it to try. When we are process oriented we won’t get discouraged if God decides that the staircase is supposed to be a spiral, or that it needs an extra landing added. Either way, the higher we get, the closer we get to Him- the master builder of the process.

Just look at the creation of the earth. The goal was to create man. Now, God could have simply said “let there be man”, and we would have been floating around in nothing, devoid of everything that makes man, man. But instead he built the foundation for man’s existence first! Each day was a step, He made land, light, and water; food, and animals. All of which affected the end goal- man, yet each one was praiseworthy all on its own.

And every step you take is worth it too, so don’t be discouraged. This is your chance to be like the creator. Keep pushing and let your first step be to “let there be light”. Invite the Light of the world into your mission; be guided by Him, dedicating yourself to the few things He illuminates for you. And take time to rest, recharge, and reflect. The process may be long, and tiring, but that’s okay because our goal is not a car, a house, or some other perishable thing, our goal is Christ- and He is so worth it.

Shamain Love

Christian Freelance Writer


Have you ever met someone who was put together, and beautifully mastering this thing called life? Well that’s not me. Not by a long shot! That is why I am so thankful for Jesus! I’m a silly, socially awkward, smarty pants, who (for some reason) God found worthy of His grace. I’ve been blessed with many things, the most prominent being, my wild son, a knack for words, and because God has a sense of humor, a shocking propensity for public speaking. I use my gifts to bring glory back to God through my Christian Stewardship blog, First Commission; my Christian Copywriting business, Love Writes; and a plethora of other things including pursuing an education in zoonotic epidemiology and environmental health, and writing fiction and non-fiction Christian books. I keep my plate full with all things Jesus in hopes that one day He might teach me how to stop giggling when no one else is; so that maybe, just maybe- I can inspire somebody else.

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