Do you provide complimentary print copies along with your packages?Yes. The amount of copies you receive is dependent on the package you choose.
How long does the publishing process usually take?The length of the publishing process may very due to many different factors. Consider the package you choose, how much work is in place prior to beginning the process, scheduling, communication and so on. Many things can influence the publishing process but on average, it can take anywhere between 6-9 months.
How long does my manuscript have to be?Your manuscript does not have to reach a minimum word count but keep the following in mind: Manuscripts that are extremely short will be formatted and priced differently than the average print book and vice versa. We encourage our authors to focus less on word count and focus more on providing quality content to our readers. Don't write so much that it becomes repetitive or so little that it's vague. Work on getting your point across in the most efficient and effective way.
What additional fees are associated with publishing?There are print fees to order your book after it has been published as well as any other additional marketing services you desire to continue promoting your book. These are all optional and not required.
Do you publish all types of works?We are a publishing company founded on traditional christian values. We hold the right to accept and/or decline submissions as we see fit.
Does my manuscript have to be complete before we begin working?No. We are here to assist you through the process, no matter what phase you are in.
Does your company offer different payment plans?Yes we do. Book a consultation and we will find one that is right for you.
Do you provide services to international clients? How does that work?Yes we do. We do video conferencing via applications like Skype and OovoO - Money transfers through Paypal and Western Union - Daily communication through email and social media outlets - Mobile calls and texting via WhatsAPP. We also do currency conversions before transferring royalties.
How long is a standard contract with your company?A standard contract lasts for two years. After two years you reserve the legal right to discontinue or continue your partnership with our company. If you then choose to become an independent writer or transfer to a different publisher, we will transfer all rights, legal documentation and reports back to you.
Can I publish more than once with your company?You can publish with us as much as you'd like. We want to see you grow and help you reach your goals.
Do you provide freelance services to authors who are looking to self-publish?We no longer provide freelance services to the public because we seek to develop long-lasting relationships with our authors. With exception, we still offer freelance services to some private parties but due to high demand the majority of our services remain under contract.